2002 VW Passat - No Heat Problems

I have a 2002 Passat that is only blowing cold air when it is supposed to be heat. I have checked the following items:

  1. Both heater hoses are hot at the heater core which would indicate that the core is not restricted.
  2. Air has been bled at the heater core and the antifreeze is at the correct level.
  3. Car thermostat is operating correctly and maintains a steady 190 to 195 degrees.
  4. When temperature control lever is moved from “cold” to “hot” the air noise definitely changes like a damper is moving but there is no change in
    air temperature. This is a manual control with cables (not digital read-out).

From what I have read so far I am convinced that there is a problem with the blend door but referring you back to #4 (air noise change) I believe that the cable is moving the damper. Can the blend door be accessed on this car without removing the center console? Can it be accessed through the glove box area?

If you remove the radio you can reach the control cables . When you move the temp control knob does it turn too easily ? If so that cable may have slipped off .

The temperature control knob feels normal and you can hear a change in the air noise when you turn it. I am planning to take a look at it tomorrow.

I have checked the cable, it is definitely attached and is definitely moving the damper (you can hear and feel it). Both hoses (to and from) the heater core come up in temperature together with only a slight difference in temperature so water flow doesn’t appear to be a problem. The water temperature is hot enough (I quit checking it at 150 degrees) but the air temperature changes about 1or 2 degrees when you go from “cold” to “hot” on the temperature control knob. I am not real sure what to do at this point.