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2002 Passat heater doesn't work after the passenger airbag replace

I had a front end collision result in the passenger airbag deployed. The shop replaced the airbag. now winter come and whenever I turn on the heat only cool air is blowing out. Temperature of the engine is in ’ normal’ range (190F) car doesn’t overheated nor I losing coolant fluid.

Reach my hand under the dash where the heater coil is I can feel the warm from the hose, I checked all the fuses and the auto climate control seem to be working normally, No light on the dash, all these happen after the accident.

I appreciate any suggestion from you guys, body shop insisted the issue is not related

Thanks for your help,


The blend door, which controls air temperature in the HVAC system, is not working. It may have been disconnected during the airbag replacement and never reconnected, or the actuator which operates the blend door may be bad.

is that something I can check myself or do I need to bring to VW? Look like those guys butcher my glove cover to replace the airbag, so I am not suprised they may forget to connect something down there too.

You might be able to fix it. SEEING it it the first challenge. I’d try to find a repair manual to show you where things are located. You may have to disassemble parts of the dashboard and/or console.