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2002 VW Cabrio - 2nd gear slips out

I have a 2002 VW Cabrio and when I shift from 1st to 2nd gear sometimes (most often when turning) 2nd gear does not engage and slips back into neutral. I am being told that (1) it could be a simple gasket (cheap) or (2) I need a new transmission. I have no problems with the transmission - just the gear slipping out. At this time, when I shift from 1st to 2nd I just hold the gear into 2nd until I continue moving and things are fine - help?

I have no idea what kind of a “gasket” would cause this. Did someone identify that gasket and any reasoning for that?

How many miles are on this car? The first thing that comes to my minds is the 2nd gear synchronizer - if there are high miles on the car this makes sense, esp since 2nd tends to be the most used gear.

Synchros are internal to the transmission & if that is the problem then it does require a new or rebuild.

But I would also have someone check out the entire linkage system for the transmission. You can have someone do that while they check your rear brakes & parking brake cable (other post).

It’s not a gasket, that’s for sure.

I’d have someone who’s familiar with VWs check the shift linkage. It may need to be adjusted. If a linkage adjustment doesn’t help the problem is likely to be inside the transmission, and consequently expensive to repair.

Check the shift linkage first.

A problem like this is often the transmission internals. The problem will more than likely be in the 1/2 shift fork and the 1/2 synchronizer assembly (which consists of a number of parts).

This could be caused by driving habits if you do a lot of city driving and have a habit of resting your hand on the gearshift lever.