2002 Volkswagen Cabrio won't start when hot; only when cold

My 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio won’t start when it is hot, only when it is cold. Several times in the last few months, similar experiences such as the following has occurred. Yesterday, I drove approximately 15 miles, ran into a store for about 10 minutes and went back to the car and it started. Then drove about 10 miles and shopped for groceries for about 45 minutes, returned to car and it started. Drove about 10 more miles and went into a store for about 30 minutes…car wouldn’t start. The engine does turn over. As the temperature gauge descends each line, I try to start the car and it will not start again until the gauge is completely at the cold line. My husband has replaced the battery, both temperature sensors, changed the fuel filter, changed the ignition coil and the starter in March.

One other time it gives me problems which is different than the above scenario is I have driven the car just one or two miles and had it off for only two minutes to five or ten minutes and could not start it for an hour or so.

An OBD scanner at an auto parts store gives several code readings, some of which say it is the fuel pump primary circuit, cylinder 1,2,3 & 4 injector circuit low, secondary air injection system relay A control circuit, evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit is shorted and, finally, evaporative emission system leak detection pump control circuit low. I have had readings done before by an OBD scanner and the problem didn’t have anything to do with what the scanner said so I don’t have much trust in those readings.

Fords had that problem, it was a fuel pump, the best idea is to stop at your auto guy every time you drive by, and if it is in failure mode when you try and restart they can diagnose it.