2002 Volkswagen Beetle windows

'02 beetle, the electric windows, alarm system worked fine. but now they don’t want to work from turning the key from the outside lock. i added some lubebricant to the pass. window and they worked again. All things worked. but a day later nada. what could be the problem

Some car accessories are known to work randomly if a car battery is getting weak. How old is the battery?

Battery 1 year old. The locking will work, then not work, randomly. Husband handy but don’t really want to get into buying a new actuator. He’s taken apart our 03 jetta door to correct window regulator. kinda a hastle and the part for actuator is around 160+. may just live with it.

You can get a new actuator for $40 at https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/volkswagen,2002,beetle,1.8l+l4+turbocharged,1389012,body,door+lock+actuator,13257

There is a switch on the end of the door lock cylinders inside the door to detect rotation of the lock cylinders, one of there lock cylinder switches is failing.