2002 Toyota Sienna keeps stalling out. have to ride the gas

2002 van with 150k miles. About 2 weeks ago started to have to ride the gas to start the car and then for about 15 minutes while driving or the car would stall out. Put some stuff in the gastank to degunk stuff and the problem went away for about 1/2 a tank. Now I have to ride the gas constantly or it stalls out. Anyone know what the problem might be???


What you’re describing are the symtoms of an Idle Air Control circuit that’s malfunctioning.

Have the Idle Air Control/Air By-Pass motor removed and cleaned along with the idle air bleed ports on the throttle body. If after doing this doesn’t solve the problem, then the Idle Air Control/Air By-Pass motor probably requires replaacement.


The fuel-injected vehicles that I am most familiar with have a valve that controls air into the intake manifold that is under PCM control. The valve may be clogged or defective. It might be called something like idle air control valve.