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2002 Toyota Corolla - radio and clock messed up after dealer work

car returned from dealer with radio and clock messed up. bluetooth in radio disabled. why would they do that and how do I get it working?

They disconnected the battery. “Messed up” meaning what? The clock, all your station presets and Bluetooth pair are gone? Disconnecting the battery will do that.

Open your owners manual and read how to set the clock, add your stations and pair your Bluetooth. If this is not a Toyota radio, read your instruction manual for the radio. If you don’t have one search the internet for either manual.

Exactly what repairs were performed at the dealer?

12V memory savers have been around for a long time, to avoid situations like this

You can easily set the clock and radio presets yourself, by following the instructions in the owners manual

However, if your radio requires a code for it to work at all, that may be something that the dealer needs to do for you, free of charge, if you don’t have access to the code.

As for getting the bluetooth enable, that depends on what radio you have

It’s an aftermarket radio (not OEM/Toyota original). If you don’t have the user manual, as someone already stated, look it up. The model # should be somewhere on the face of the radio (ex: pioneer DEH-3300BT), Google the manufacture name and model, you should get a search result that leads you to the manual.

In addition to clock and radio presets, most definitely the equalizer settings reverted to factory default. The manual will tell you how to adjust all of these things.

If these instructions have exceeded your aptitude, take it to your local car radio install shop. Be sure to bring fresh brownies and/or cookies. They’ll have you fixed up in no time.

If you use the dealership, sometimes this code will be printed at the top of the repair order.

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Good reminder. I always write the code in my manuals and also in my maintenance record book so I can always retrieve it if I need to.

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Take it back to the dealer and have them fix it…they screwed it up!!!

Or have you waited 6 months before complaining to us about the problem.


My radio code for previous and current vehicle has been printed on a tag which I keep in the manual. I had my battery replaced at the dealer over 2 years ago. They must have used a 12 volt jumper as my radio worked but had lost my 2 presets. Not a crisis!