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2002 Toyota Camry LE - a/c controls

I recently purchased a low mileage 2002 Toyota Camry LE. Everything works well, except that if I change the a/c to blow onto my feet (well, actually onto my wife’s feet!) whilst the engine is running, if I then try to turn it back to blow out at face level nothing happens. If I stop, turn off the engine, and restart, the switch then blows as shown.

Is this a fault in the a/c control panel (which seems fairly easy to replace?)

Someone else may be able to give you the right answer, but if this switch is vacuum controlled, there may be a partially collapsed vacuum hose or a loose one.

Another possibility is a faulty blend door.

I stand to be corrected if need be.

I think in this scenario the switch might be at fault. When you turn the engine off the default kicks in and you get it in the right position at face level.