2002 Toyota 4 Runner


I have a 2002 4 Runner (85,000 miles) and it recently started making a rumbling noise from somewhere underneath the chassis when you hit exactly 60mph. The best way I can describe the noise is it’s similar to driving over rumble strips in the road. The interesting thing is it only occurs at exactly 60mph or higher. I don’t experience the noise at 59mph or below.

BTW, I recently had it in for service to flush the transmission and the replacement of an o2 sensor.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this?




I don’t know; but, this is something you want a suspension shop to look at. It could be anywhere in the drive-train. The other drive-train parts, besides the transmission, are due service by the 80,000 mile mark. Just the servicing may provide a cure. May.


Check the tires for rips in the threads. This is an '02, I doubt serious tranny/differential issues now. How many miles on the car? Any pull/vibration?


I would suggest a careful check of the exhaust system making sure everything (like heat shields) are tight.

Next I would suggest rotating the tyres to see if it moves.


It has 85,000 miles on it.


Also, no pulls or vibrations other than when you go over 60mph and it feels like your going over small bumps which give the vehicle some vibration


10-4. Thnnks for the feedback


If this problem only surfaced after the transmission flush, then it could be a torque converter shudder you’re experiencing.
You could try changing the fluid again, and make sure you’re using the right fluid, to see if this helps.
The symptoms sound similar to the converter shudder on some Fords. A fluid change usually fixes it.