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2002 Timing Sensor Discussion

Recently I had the timing belt replaced on my 2002 Honda Accord at 105K. The mechanic in the process unknowingly fractured one of the pulleys? with the timing sensor. When my wife started the car to leave, the pulley sensor broke off and caused the computer to advance and retard the engine at random. My wife drove the car like this for approximately 10 miles before she could get it back to the mechanic to be repaired. My question is this. Could this have caused valve or internal engine damage? The mechanic says no, I say the car doesn’t sound the same. We?ve been noticing a metal to metal pop occasionally during regular driving. The cars overall performance seems fine except it has sounded rough ever since we picked it up after he fixed the pulley. The rough sound is like the exhaust is going bad but would only be noticeable to someone who has driven the car since day one. Any incite to what could happen to the engine, if this sensor is non existent, would be appreciated.