2002 subaru wrx



I want to buy a friends 2002 wrx but he says that he has had an ongoing problem that no one can figure out. When the cars is idling there is a smell of gasoline in the car. It goes away immediately when he accelerates. Does anyone have this problem…can it be fixed?


Yes its a 2002 WRX(first year) problem usually in cold weather. >>> http://endwrench.com/images/pdfs/GasEWWin05.pdf

Check NASIOC.com for the fix(es).


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Thank you! Does this really fix the problem? I’ve heard about fixes that don’t really work. Any idea how much this should cost?


I believe its around $400-$500 at the dealer. The fix is pricey due to the labor removing the entire intake manifold to get at the fuel line.

With regards to the problem is it happening only when its cold mostly or year round?