2002 Subaru Forester L Wheel Rim size

I recently bought a used Subaru Forester and finally noticed that it had R16 size tires on it. The information for tire size on the inside of the driver side door has been (coincidentally) scratched so I can’t read what the rim size is supposed to be. While I probably can find the info somewhere else on the car my question is if the info says R15 do I need to put new tires and and new rims on the vehicle for safety/performance reasons?

Don’t worry. As long as all four tires match in tread depth/tire make/model and size you are all set.

According to Tire Guides, a 2002 Subaru Forester originally came with either P215/70R15 94S or P215/60R16 94H. Either of those will be OK.

16 in rims are the otional upgrade. You just have to remember that Subies are All Wheel Drive so therefore all 4 tires must be of the same size and manufacturer. Getting the same size tire of different manufacturer does not gurantee the outer tire cercumfurance is the same.

Thanks everybody. I was hoping that was the case. Now I can get those snow tires I always wanted.