2002 silverado cabin filters

The old cabin filters were black when removed, the new filters have air flow arrows stamped on them,What is the correct installation, Which way is air flow. Do the arrows point " TO " the evaporator, or “AWAY” from the evaporator.


While I don’t have a manual showing me the direction (no owners manual, right?) I would imagine the arrow(s) should point away from the evaporator in order for the incoming fresh air to be filtered/dehumidified before being directed to the cabin. But that’s just MHO.

thanks for your reply, I have an owners manual, Haynes manual, both useless even the repair manuals at the library are no help, I went to three chevy dealerships and got three differant answers the best being " Remove the filters, start the truck, put the fan on high and put your hand where the filters go and feel which way the air flows. I will keep this message posted to read what answers i get.
This may be a repeat message, as i was typing the message are went blank

The arrows point in the direction the air will flow through the filter.

The airflow should be toward the evaporator. It makes sense to filter the dirt and chaff before it gets stuck in the evaporator. To the left. I see the fan motor is on the right side. You should have the best view as to which way the flow goes.