2002 Saturn Vue needs fluid in trans

need to fluid put in transmisson

Was this vague post to be ( I need to know what kind of fluid to put in my vehicles transmission ? ).

If that is correct it should be in your owners manual or any parts store can sell you the proper fluid.


The 3.0 v6 has an aisin built trans. It has yellow dipstick behind front motor mount. Not hard to reach. It has a hold down bolt. The 4cyl motor has a cvt trans. Poor reliability but if yours is still moving at 18+ yrs old then you are lucky. I don’t know how to add fluid to the cvt.
Maybe you have a manual trans? That’s another procedure.
I assume you have a leak if you “need” to add fluid?

My 2005 Saturn V-6 VUE is going strong with 140,000 miles on her. Never had a problem except the OEM clock loses a few minutes every month. Have always had it serviced on the recommended schedule. My Dad taught me well. He passed away long ago but I still hear him reminding me of specific regular maintenance needs in the back of my mind. (I am sure others experience something similar if they had a parent who was a mechanic - a jet engine AND auto mechanic in my case.)

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They only used the 03 v6 trans for 2 yrs, 02-03. In 04 they changed the trans supplier. The vue was a world car. Sourced parts from different places.

You need to add fluid? So, add fluid. Why are you telling us instead of getting it done?


The CVT has a complicated fill procedure, scan tool required.

Well, in defense of the OP, social media sites–such as Facebook–have convinced people that they need to make everyone else in the universe aware of almost everything that they do on a daily basis, so perhaps he/she just felt the need to “share”. :wink:

(Note: I ditched Facebook–like a bad habit–a couple of years ago.)


If you want people to help you for free, you need to make an effort to clearly explain what you need instead of taking five seconds at most to type a cryptic statement.


At least the OP did not post a picture of her dinner.

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