2002 Saab

I have a similar problem as the Volvo where the car just won’t crank. I can take a short trip, maybe 5 miles, turn it off, and then it won’t start for a few hours. All the lights come on but nobody’s home so to speak. I have had the ignition switch replaced as well as the starter motor. It never misbehaves with the mechanics. I recently tried giving the steering wheel a good jerk. And reinserted the key and it started. Then I did that again this morning. And it came on. I originally took it to the dealer but they couldn’t replicate the problem so couldn’t fix it so started going to a local mechanic. I love the car when I can get it to go. If anyone knows what this problem could be, please let me know.

When it won’t crank, pull and wriggle the wiring going up into the steering wheel. If that helps, then, there’s likely a wiring problem in the steering wheel.

Lights but no crank - usually the first suspect is the neutral safety switch. On a manual transmission, the switch will be on the clutch pedal.