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2002 Saab 9-3 AC

The little lady and I were out looking for a family vehicle (not trading in the saab, owe too much to benefit me). It was hot today (90’s) and was running the AC. I was pulling out onto the highway, and accelerated hard. I noticed a burning smell, and the AC air stopped blowing cold. I shut off the AC immediately. We noticed a metallic knocking from the engine too. I can’t pinpoint the sound, but it appears to be from the passenger side, front of the engine. I opened the valve cover but saw nothing. It sounds like something broke loose and is knocking but I’m not sure.

To be honest, the economy is killing me, and NEED to avoid the dealer if I can. The noise has me very worried, and I need this car for going to work.


Compressor might have seized. I think it would be wise to go find a Saab Mechanic and let him look it over for 30 minutes. This doesn’t sound liek something you should let slide until you detemrine the problem.

I gotta tell you-you picked the wrong car if you want to avoid trips to the dealers-the 9-3 is an absolute nightmare. Your cheapest way to approach that car is preventative maintenance. Keep that oil changed OFTEN-those motors sludge like crazy, and follow everything else in the owners manual. More importantly find an affordable independent mechanic.