2002 Pontiac T/A Anti-Theft System Malfunction

Last week I started having what seemed the early stages of the ignition switch going bad but, changing the ignition switch on my T/A did not fix the problem. It seems to be something security related. As now, when I connect the battery back up I can hear what sounds like two relays clicking a couple times a second one near the front drivers side of the car and the other near the glove box and the security LED in the dash flickers. Then if I open a door no lights or anything come on but the LED flashes quickly and you can hear the relays more clearly. There is no response from sticking the key in the ignition and turning it. I checked the resistor in the pellet and its dead on with one of the values they can have.

I scoured the forums and the internet a couple days ago and couldn’t find anyone else having this problem. Just the normal VATS/Passkey “Security” on the instrument cluster problems.

Any ideas?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHitEp2Bt0c This is a link to a video of what it is doing. This is my son’s car…his email: mynameismiek@gmail.com