2002 Pontiac Sunfire broken sun visor

the sunvisor broke on the corner

@edward54 could you please tell us a bit more about the problem or what you might want help with?

replace it

I guess that I am taking a leap of faith, but I am going to assume that the OP wants to know how to go about getting a replacement sun visor for his/her car. If my assumption is correct, then the solution to the problem is as close as the nearest junk yard/auto recycling center.

You don’t even have to find another Sunfire from which to extract the replacement sun visor, as the Pontiac Sunfire was identical to the Chevy Cavalier (except for a few, very minor styling details), and those Cavaliers were as common as dirt.

I have little patience with posters who are too lazy to add another few words to more fully explain the problem. They would rather see us make guesses and sit back and laugh when the guesses are wrong.

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I feel the same way and without actually doing a count I think 70% of the transplanted posts are like that and maybe that same amount never gives any more info.