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2002 Pontiac Grand Am: strange wear pattern on rear rotors

Hi all,

I replaced my brake pads this weekend and found this:


That is a rotor and pad from the left rear of my Grand Am. Both the left and right rear look this way. Any theories on how this happened? Should I replace my rear rotors?

Thanks in advance!

Were those the original rotors?
I’ve seen cheap Chinese rotors that have non-uniform hardness or composition cause a banding effect like this.

The pics were a bit dark and hard to see but did you buy this car new?
Maybe the pads were run down to metal on metal previously and the pads were replaced without servicing the rotors.

Looks like new rotors to me. The old one’s are just going to eat up your new pads. Doubtful you’ll get much braking power from the old rotors too.

Yes, it’s normal to see that. The rust that forms toward the edges will just rip the pad linings down like that. I had that on the front of my truck. I just changed all my rotors, one of which might have been OK, but they didn’t cost a lot so I just dropped them off at the scrap iron pile.

Yes, replace them. It isn’t worth the gasoline and the time to have them resurfaced.

Those rotors were original equipment–the car is a hand-me-down from my mom. I highly doubt the pads were run down to nothing because there’s no way my dad would let my mom get away with that.

In any case, thanks to all for your responses. I’ll put a new set of rotors on the back.