2002 Nissan Xterra - Now consumes oil

Vehicle started using oil, like overnight. One quart per 100 miles. 2002 Xterra, 3.4L, 5sp manual, 4wd. 151,000 miles. There are no leaks, and no oil smoke from the tail pipe.

I couldn’t tell you where but it’s probably leaking somewhere. A leak where the transmission bolts onto the engine is fairly common on that model. It has to be either leaking oil or burning it and a quart in 100 miles is serious.

Or your PCV system has failed and the engine is, indeed, consuming your oil.

If it is not something simple like a leak or bad PCV, a quart in 100 miles is a HUGE sign that your engine is done, thwacked, worn out, pining for the fields, ready for replacement.

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Thanks for your answer. I was told that by a mechanic and I did change the PVC valve. It did help some but not a lot. BTW, I miss my '66 Mustang convertible.

Make sure the port and hose to the PCV valve is clear and getting vacuum.
Another bad news possibility is a broken ring or ring land.