2002 Mitsubishi Montero - Transmission fluid gone

lost transmision oil

OK , if I find it I will let you know . Couldn’t help myself :wink:


If you don’t find it the OP can go to the store to buy more. :smiley:


Do you remember where you last had it?


Assuming that the OP actually wanted some advice related to his three word statement–which was not a request for advice–I will throw out some thoughts for his consideration:

Did you find a huge puddle underneath the vehicle while it was parked?
If so, do NOT drive it until you refill the trans with the correct specification fluid.
Then, drive directly to an independent* trans shop for diagnosis and repair.

On the other hand, if it lost all of its trans fluid while you were driving, then just have it towed to an indy trans shop*.
Be prepared for a bill that could exceed the book value of the vehicle.

  • Don’t go a chain-run joint like Mr. Transmission, Lee Myles, Cottman, or–worst of all–AAMCO unless you want to overpay for sub-standard work, coupled with a mostly-worthless warranty.

Locate the vacuum modulator on the transmission.

Remove the vacuum hose from the modulator.

If transmission fluid leaks out of this connection, the engine sucked all the transmission fluid out of the transmission.



If you operated that transmission for more than a few minutes with little or no transmission fluid in it then odds are the transmission is wiped; especially at 20 years old with ? miles on it.

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A 20 y.o. Mitsubishi is lucky to still have its pistons.

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