2002 mini cooper won't start in cold weather

When it is cold temp outside, my mini either won’t start or takes several tries to crank. If it does crank, it runs and idles perfectly. In warm weather, there is no problem at all.

Is this a cranking problem or a starting problem? Just trying to make sure we’re on the same page. If the starter is engaging and the engine is turning, then you have a starting problem. If it catches and stalls …then it’s a stalling problem. If it doesn’t turn over at all - totally dead …then you’ve got a cranking problem.

Seeing as you didn’t seem to mention needing any service between warm and cold days, I think you’re telling us that you have a starting problem.

Ignition or some false sensor reading that’s invisible when warm altering the fuel charge at cold start.

sorry about that. It is definitely a starting problem. Car turns over, just wont start. If it ever catches it runs and idles perfectly.