2002 Mini Cooper S Turn over but wont start along with electrical problem

Mini S with 20,000 Miles on it. The car turns but never catches. The funny thing is none of the electrical features work either…remote unlock, power windows, power locks, truck release…? The first time it happen I thought it was bad fuel so I put octane boast in it and just cranked it continuesly and it finally cranked hard…than it ran fine for a couple days and a couple hundred miles. But the other day in the drive way it did it again. Maybe its a short?

Not a short, it would be an open. Likely a switch or relay somewhere. The trick is to know which ones are most likely. Maybe someone who knows those modern Minis will come along and make a suggestion or two. You may try googling and see if you can find a group devoted to Mini’s

If there is a power distibution panel under the hood you should check there for a problem. You need to track down the power path for those things you mentioned that are not getting power. Having a test light probe to check for power will help you find the trouble.

sounds like a ground cable from the battery to the frame or engine block that might be loose or not making a good ground connection try cleaning cable or replacing it …

First clean the battery connections, even if they look ok. If that doesn’t help move on to the power distribution box and check for bad connections there. If things are fine there check the ignition switch connections for trouble.

An OBD-II scanner might give you some useful insight.
If that doesn’t work and you can’t find a bad fuse or relay, you might be stuck going to the dealer.

I hate going to the dealer more than anyone. But, their diagnostic tools rival anything that is readily available to the general public. They should be able to find the problem quickly. Assuming, or course, the technician knows what he’s doing.