2002 Mercedes Kompressor

Car starts intermittently, have heard this is common on Mercedes Benz cars, whats the fix? I do my own maintenance on my cars have tools ect.

Benz’s are not very user-friendly…


Do you have a code scanner? Might be worth it.

Intermittant starting can be the result of a plethora of causes. But they all boil down to the same basic areas:

  1. good and reliable spark,
  2. good and proper fuel metering,
  3. recognition by the engine’s control system that the engine is not at operating temperature.

Unfortunately, (1) and (2) include the standard “ignition components” as well as the igniter, the coils, the crank position sensor, and the cam speed sensor (or whatever combination of those signals your car uses), as well as the injectors, the MAF and/or MAP sensor, the fuel pump, and other fuyel delivery related components.

There is no one “fix”. You first need the root cause diagnosed.

Oh, and…how old is the battery?

Describe exactly what happens when it won’t start - noises, etc.

Battery is now dead at this point, been sitting a couple months now. When battery is fully charged it does not do anything when it wont start, no noise no beeps, nothing, (like battery is dead,but it isnt) When it is going to start the little red triangles on the dash light up. If they light up the car will start and run all day no problem until you turn it off. Again it wont start unless those red lights come on. Seems like ignition/power to starter is not energized for some reason.
thanks for the replys.

Either the battery isn;t really charged (how are you determining this?) or you simply have an “open” in the starter circuit. A bad battery cable, a brad ground strap, or something of that sort. Perhaps even a bad starting circuit relay. Perhaps a bad key cylinder. Perhaps a blown fusible link (I’ve seen one act intermittant). Can’t tell from here.

NOTE: the battery may have a loose terminal as well. Try turning the connections and see if the battery post truns with one. If it does, the battery has a loose terminal post and needs replacing. Seen this, done that.

Thanks again, will look at those options. A buddy of mine works at a local car auction and says that it is a common problem on different mercedes benz models.

Remove, clean and replace the battery connections. Replace any cables or connectors that are badly corroded…Check the other end of those cables for clean, tight, connections…Have the battery tested and charge if necessary…