2002 Mazda Milennia - check engine


First of all, my check engine light has been on for a couple of years, without problem. I’ve had mechanics run diagnostics and they have all determined that it was either the O2 sensor or the knock sensor detecting something. They have been able to reset, but the light comes back on within weeks.

This fall, the light began to shut off after the car warmed up, which causes the car to buck. That wouldn’t be so awful, but it continues to go on and off, bucking each time. Obviously, this is becoming annoying.

Additional (issues which may or may not be connected)

– on two ocassions, the transmission hold engaged and the light went on.

– the remote no longer operates.

– the doors will not all unlock with the key from the driver’s side, but will from the passenger’s side.

Any suggestion(s) on any of the above? Also, does anyone know where I can obtain a repair manual for this vehicle? I’ve checked with parts stores and they say they can’t get one.

Thanks in advance.



When things like an O2 sensor or knock sensor was recommended, did you refuse the repair?

Driving around for 2 years with the CEL on may have created a number of problems.

About all I can do is suggest you drop by a local AutoZone, Advance, Checkers, etc. and have them pull the codes. They will do this for you free. Post any results back here for further discussion.
That is Step No. 1.

If the parts houses do not have manuals for this car then it’s probably going to be expensive factory or MOTOR manuals, or a subscription to ALLDATA. The latter, while not complete, is 25 a year with a 15 dollar a year renewal. Chiltons softcover manuals are pure garbage. The hardcover versions are better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick anyway.


So, you’ve been ignoring the warning signs for “a couple of years.” Smart move. Have you ever considered actually having the car repaired? Diagnostics don’t fix anything, and resetting the light without correcting the problem is not the way to go. Ignoring the check engine light allows the problems to get worse and compound. Your post is proof of that.

For a manual, try Books4Cars.com.

Why do you want a manual? You’re content with a bucking car.