2002 Lincoln Town Car - Local mechanic I can trust?

On my Lincoln Town Cartier 2002, my brake pads are gone and so is my master cylinder I need a professional mechanic that knows what he’s doing and I’m located in Hollywood, Florida it’s very difficult to find a mechanic in FLORIDA that does lie to you and you end up paying way to much for repairs.
Can someone tell me an Excellent mechanic to repair my car at low prices please I’m in desperate need to get it fixed as quickly as possible before it’s not drivable any more? I’m on social Security income. Sincerely,
D. Golt

This might help. You should look at the available reviews on Google as well. We find them helpful.

How is that Mechanics File supposed to help when their is only one of the 15 that has a review of less then 9 years ago .

@sirbear9 Angies List - Yelp - Friends , neighbors and relatives will be your best source of a repair shop.

Isn’t that a good thing?

In any event, because the Mechanics Files on this site are badly outdated, I strongly suggest that the OP ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives for mechanic recommendations.


With your misguided attitude about mechanics I would not help you even if I lived in FL next door to you.
And I am not apologetic about my attitude either because it sounds like whatever someone charges you will be misconstrued as thievery.

No one likes car expenses. I get that. But not liking the cost of driving does not equate to armed robbery.


You could always just fix it yourself, or when high schools and junior colleges resume you might let the school classes do it for a training project for the kids. Just a thought.

Excellent mechanics don’t work cheap, they don’t have to. Your income is not your mechanics problem any more than it is your grocery store’s, utilities, or hair stylist’s.

An 18 year old Lincoln is not the cheapest car to maintain.


From what I understand, these underclass occupational courses were eliminated from schools years ago.

Oh, that is too bad; s lot of kids could use the help

Maybe in may parts of the country, still available here. Some of the programs offered in the past are no more but Auto Tech is still going.

There are automotive programs at Sheridan Technical College (Main canpus is in Hollywood FL)including Ford Asset but other than the instructor suggesting some repair shops they can’t be much help until next fall at least.