2002 Lexus 300es

When I put my shift lever into the “drive” position, the indicator light in the instrument cluster goes to “4”. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not sure if the care is in “Drive” or “4” as both felt similar in the past. Any Ideas?

Since this is a 5-speed automatic, this could be an indication of a transmission problem. On a positive note, it could be an electronic problem, which is cheaper to fix than a mechanical problem.

But…have you checked the level, the color, and the smell of the transmission fluid?
When was the transmission last serviced?

i have had an old chrysler show off by one letter on the PRND12 scale. i am not sure if the linkage was off, the mechanical indicator was off, or the transmission was off. but it ran fine, so i just ignored the dial.

If the gear shift lever is on the column, the steering wheel tilt may be causing the mismatch. Set the steering column straight, rather than tilted, and look at the gear position indicator.

This is a Lexus with a nice florescent display. They don’t use a mechanical display for gear indication.

Does your ES have the OD off button on the shift lever? You may have inadvertantly turned OD (5th) off.