2002 Jeep Cherokee won’t accelerate past 60 mph

I have this jeep grand Cherokee WJ 2002 ,i have noticed its net engaging from gear 2 up words even if i accelerates the pedal it only reach 60mhp not more .Other thing i have noticed is that i have a lot of codes delays on the overhead mirror some open circuits of all kinds WS,E etc please i need your help

Step one: have the codes read and post the actual code numbers here, format is P0123.
If the CEL is flashing have it towed towed to a mechanic.

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The transmission is in limp mode, there will be faults stored in the transmission control module.

That is a compass, west, south, east etc.


^This +1. And trying to drive 60mph in second gear can’t be good for it. Drive it slowly to a good independent shop for a diagnosis.