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2002 Hyundai won't start

My husband’s 2002 Hyundai Accent just had engine re-built. (against my wishes 197,000 miles. Yikes) Mechanic said it will go another 100,000 miles. Put in new battery today. Have to roll start it. Even with the new battery. Once it gets going it usually will start but sometimes not. Need some help. thanks

He must really love this car. Maybe it’s time for a new starter.

Need more information. What happens when the key is turned to “start?” Does the starter work, and the engine turn over, or does nothing at all happen? How are the cable connections at the starter?

Car cranks when key is turned. Just will not turn over. Don’t know about the cable connections. Taking it back to mechanic who did the engine tomorrow. Just wanted to have some ideas to take to him. Thanks.

In mechanic speak a engine that is “cranking” is also “turning over”. I know I could dedicate the rest of my life educating the public about this issue and they still would not get it,is the issue really that technical?

“Car cranks”=“engine turns over”, ergo, the starter can probably be ruled out–but then again…

Is this high mileage car up to date with maintenance?

Could be a maintenance issue for sure. Not my car so I don’t really keep up with his history. I would have pushed the car over a cliff myself. But now after putting in the money for the rebuilt engine and all I would at least like to keep the piece of c— going for a while. thanks.