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2002 Honda Odyssey Transmission

I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey that was having trouble going from 2nd to 3rd gear. The check engine light came on. At the dealer the diagnostic came up with code P0730 (incorrect gear ratio) and they changed the transmission and PCM. One week later my same problem and same code came back. They are suggesting I replace the transmission again. I feel it is probably something else, since we just replaced the transmission 2 weeks ago. Is there something else it could be? Something more minor? Wiring? A connection? etc? Anything besides spend another $3400 on the transmission and PCM. Help!!!

Why would you have to pay to replace a transmission that failed after a week???

Di the replacement transmission include new sensors?

If you went to a Honda dealer your replacement tranny has a 3yrs/36,000 mile warranty if you got a Honda rebuilt part. Other repairs(PCM) are 1yr/12000 miles for parts and labor at the Honda dealer and nearly all others.

There are pros and cons to dealers. However that warranty parts & labor is a major pro and it even carry’s dealer to dealer.

Theya re telling me my warranty will give me another trans, but I will have to pay shipping and labor on it. I am not sure about the sensors. I can ask them.