2002 Honda CR-V - 7 Year Delayed Oil Change

I’ve got a 2002 Honda CR-V that has 160k miles on it and due to neglect did not have the oil changed in the past 40k miles (7 years); instead new oil was apparently added as necessary. We just changed the oil for the first time. What is the chance we will have to replace the engine in the next 5 years or do other expensive repairs? I ask since this will factor into our financial decision to fix this car or buy a new one. Thanks!

Your guess is as good as mine , because you will have repairs or you won’t . They might be minor or major . But take better care of the next one .

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My crystal ball is at the cleaners in my other suit.

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Keep a close eye on the oil. If it gets real black real fast change it again. Keep doing that for a few changes, might clean itself out (or at least render the hardened sludge or varnish harmless). If you have catastrophic engine failure either put in a remanufactured engine or trash the car.

I wouldn’t gamble one dime on the engine lasting 5 years. You need to keep an eye on the motor oil level as this kind of thing has a tendency to cause oil consumption problems.

As for other than the engine I don’t know. If the transmission has been neglected it could go out.With the age and miles suspension or steering issues are possible.

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What are the things that need to be fixed?

Wow . . .

There’s very little chance this engine is NOT sludged up . . . in my opinion

From now on, change the oil and filter as per the severe serviced schedules . . . just do it. Most people fall into this category, even if they think otherwise

I’d change ALL the fluids right now, as they’re probably just as overdue as the engine oil was

But set aside money every month for that new car . . .


Zero, the vehicle is 18 years old, if the engine fails you will want to move on to a modern vehicle. The cost of replacing the engine will influence you towards a better vehicle.