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2002 Honda Accord

My Honda Accord 2002 feels like brakes apply themselves when driving. Car slows down and brake pedal is really sensitive meaning it feels harder than usual and easier to brake. Dont know if it is the brake master cylinder, brake booster or something else. Please help

This could be an indication of a master cylinder problem, or it could be a case of deteriorating brake lines that are collapsing internally, or…

However, no matter what any of us might speculate regarding your brakes, you really need to get this car to a competent mechanic (NOT a chain-operation facility) a.s.a.p.–or stop driving it until you can get it to a shop. Please do yourself and the others with whom you share the road a giant favor and have the entire brake hydraulic system checked immediately, as any delay could lead to some major safety issues.

Could be the rubber brake lines going to the calipers. I’ve seen those things behave like check valves, not
allowing the brakes to release completely after they’ve been engaged.
VDC is right: get it taken care of asap.

Whether yours is a 2002 as in your title or a 2008 as you tagged it, I doubt it is a brake line, its not that old. Have you had your master cylinder replaced?

One more thing, with the engine running, check your brake lights to see if they are coming on when no one is touching the brake pedal.