2002 Honda Accord Sdn - Computer

I have been told [by my present mechanic] that the “main computer” in my 2002 Accord V6 might be going out, and if it does my car is toast since Honda no longer makes new parts for 02’s. Does anyone know if such a thing is true, My motor looks new, I’ve replaced some parts, but on average not a lot for a car that’s almost 20 yrs old.

There are remanufactured engine computers available for many old vehicles, Rock Auto shows one for the 4 cylinder Accord. Set up and registering the immobilizer system must be performed by a professional, this may be beyond the capability of your independent mechanic so this might be why he considers a PCM failure as “game over” for your car.


Agree with @Nevada_545… Car makers generally stop making parts for cars and trucks more than 10 years old. And car computers can go bad just sitting on a shelf… or rather capacitors used in the computer go bad. Suppliers that make the original parts also have difficulty getting computer chips common in 2002 but no longer made in 2019 soo… There are companies that repair and refresh the computers for more popular cars.

try a car salvage yard.

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Computer failure is very rare. Problems misdiagnosed as computer failure are not so rare. It’s often said in place of “I haven’t figured it out. I give up.”

What symptoms?


And it’s odd that the computer ‘might be going out’. They typically either work, or they don’t. I’m wondering what are the symptoms, too.


To dispose of the car or to buy a used computer?

If a used computer is bought you would have to find someone to clear the VIN and immobilizer data from the computer so that new information can be entered with a scan tool.

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A dealer would be able to do that.

Allowing anyone with access to a dealer scan tool to erase or change security system data would be a major security flaw.

I’ve said it before, but I tend to think when the mechanic starts blaming the “computer”, it really means either he simply doesn’t know what’s wrong, or doesn’t want to work on the car any more.

Not to say “computers” never go bad… but I’d get a second opinion, myself.

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