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2002 Honda (3.0 V 6) timing belt replacement

I’m seeing the replacement time for the timing belt from 60,000 - 105,000 miles. What is the correct number of miles? (I have 67,000 miles now.)

I’m told the harmonic balancer is tough to get off. Are any special tools needed?

Does your owner’s manual really say 60,000 to 105,000 miles? I suspect not. Please tell us what it says.

Regardless of the mileage, you’re very likely due (overdue, actually) based on time.

It’s 8 years old go ahead and replace it; one less thing to worry about for another 8 years/70k miles.

You probably need a crankshaft pulley removal tool:

I bought one of these and used it on my 2002 Odyssey. I found out my local auto parts store would have loaned it out to me.

I used the starter to loosen the crankshaft pulley bolt. Do a lot of research if you haven’t done this before.

This is what the manual actually says:

The timing belt and balancer belt (4-cylinder models only) should normally be replaced at the intervals
shown in the maintenance schedule.

Maintenance schedule says 105,000 or 84 months which ever comes first.
US Owners
Follow the Normal Conditions Maintenance Schedule if the severe driving conditions specified in the Severe Conditions Maintenance Schedule do not apply.
NOTE: If you only occasionally drive under a ??severe?? condition, you should follow the Normal Conditions Maintenance Schedule.
Canadian Owners
Follow the Maintenance Schedule for Severe Conditions.

Replace these belts at 60,000 miles (U.S.) or 100,000 km (Canada) if you regularly drive your car in one or
more of these conditions:
In very high temperatures
(over 110?F, 43?C).
In very low temperatures
(under 20?F, 29?C).

So yes you are overdue by the time limit alone regardless of whether or not you need to use the Severe Service Schedule.

Note the key words “4 cyl models only”. Accord V-6 is not a 4 cyl model. I believe the V-6s have a timing chain, which usually does not have a recommended replacement interval.

V6 has a timing belt. 4 cyl only refers to balancer belt.

Good eye on the 84 months. OP, I’m not sure what your confusion is. Just follow these instructions to determine whether or not you need to replace your belt (because your car is older than 84 months, you do).