2002 GMC Sonoma engine light

2002 4.3 vortex engine engine light is on makes funny noises had to tighten batttery cable nuts lights want to flash, sometimes electric door buttons want to click on and off. Now the truck will turn over and not start like it is starving for fuel. My neighbor unhooked module on air breather and it will now start. Said would have to have it scanned because there are sensors that coud be bad?

yes, have it scanned and report back what the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) are.

Thank you.

If the check engine light is flashing with the engine running, you’ve got a rather serious misfire, severe enough to potentially damage the catalytic converter

I’m not sure what “module” you’re talking about.

Did you unplug some kind of sensor located on the air intake tube?

Such as an intake air temperature sensor or mass air flow sensor?

you’ll obviously have fault codes for that severe misfire I mentioned above, as well as codes for whatever sensors you disconnected.

If the truck wouldn’t start UNTIL you unplugged the mass airflow sensor, then there’s a fair chance the sensor itself is bad. If it’s running rather well, better than before, with that particular sensor unplugged, the pcm is using default values.

Please let us know what you got

If you mean the engine air filter was bypassed and then it ran better, suggest to be very careful when you do that. Debris can get sucked into the engine and do a lot of damage. If the engine air filter is clogged, replace it.

I have had the truck taken to a certified mechanic for repair. I appreciate your assistance. The truck was not driven there. Triple A picked it up. Did not want to do damage. This is a very special truck and it has ben my baby for years. Thank you. Will let you know what had to be done.

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