2002 Ford Taurus SE NO AC

They guy I bought thr car from made sure the AC worked when I bought and checked and filled it with freon and made sure there wasnt any leaks. Battery died I changed the battery and connectors and next day turned the car on and turned the ac on and it blows nothing but hot air and the compressor spins and stops then repeats the process slowly

When the guy you purchased this vehicle from “checked and filled” the AC system with refrigerant he did indeed make sure it worked. He made sure it worked just long enough for you to complete the transaction and perhaps a day or two beyond. You have what we in the industry call “a leak”. While a leak is nothing new, they are very “fun” to find and repair without losing the entire contents of your wallet…

Take it to an AC specialist… this job takes very specialized equipment to remedy…anyone else is just blowing tepid air up your derriere if they attempt to fix this without said equipment.


You should talk to the seller and get a refund to cover the cost of the A/C repair because this problem was known to him and he didn’t fix it right.

Sure he did! He fixed it “right now” :laughing:

The guy scammed you as @Honda_Blackbird pointed out. There was a leak, he knew there was a leak, so he added refrigerant to make it work for you so you’d buy the car.

Even though he used a big system that was able to check the pressure and it stayed constant no change so there shouldn’t have been a week

If this is an ( As Is ) purchase with zero warranty then you will have to have a real shop repair this air conditioner system . Will not be cheap.

@Tysa_Kay Have you talked to the seller just in case he might fix it or at least make a concession to the actual repair cost ?

Or the other scenario if the compressor is going on and off like it should is when you killed the battery that will sometimes screw up the mode actuator doors . Sometimes you can go thru a relearn process if it’s that issue but other times I have seen it blow out the actuators and you have to replace them , another not easy or cheap fix . I would look up and see if there is a reset relearn procedure for this model and try to run that before replacing anything seeing this started after the battery was replaced .

AC works – not by directly producing cold air – but by moving heat from the inside of the car to the engine compartment, where it is dissipated by the radiator cooling fans. The AC system could be full of refrigerant, not leaking, and otherwise working correctly, but still not produce much in the way of cold air if the engine compartment fans aren’t spinning when they should. Next time this happens stop, keep the engine idling, and pop the hood. The radiator fans should be spinning like crazy. Are they?

Well, you see; A/C systems are sealed systems. If the guy had to charge it, then it had a leak. He put in refrigerant, knowing full well it had a leak, because if it didn’t, he wouldn’t have had to put any in in the first place. The leak was probably small enough that the refrigerant didn’t leak out right off the bat, and you had working A/C for few days, but now it has leaked out and your A/C doesn’t work.

What you can do do is take your car to a reputable A/C shop (not all shops do A/C work), and see where the leak is and how much it’s going cost to fix. If you’re lucky it can be less than $200 if it’s just bad schrader valve, but if you’ve got start replacing parts, it can be dramatically more expensive (over a grand).

Might be simple like hole in condenser. That’s fairly cheap.