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2002 Ford Mustang - Engine Swap Woes

Okay I have a 2002 Mustang with a 3.8 I pulled out a 3.8 and put it in a 5.0 from a 94 Mustang everything matched up and it was all interchangeable the problem I’m having is there’s no pulse to the injector or the distributor or the coil but everything else on the engine worth works my question is will reflashing the ECM help my car

No, it won’t.

Why? Because of this:

There is nothing to create the pulse. You now need to do the research you needed to do before the swap to determine what you need to mate the two fuel injection and ignition systems to one another.

You say it all matched up, but what did you use for the engine harness to create 2 extra injector connections?

Could be a PATS issue, is your anti theft light blinking?

I left the original wiring harnesses on the V8. The motor harness matched up with the chassis harness and now everything works I have excellent fuel pressure have fire to the coil and distributor but have no pulse to send Spark it’s not the Anti-Theft cuz yes it did go off but I had someone coming in and reprogramming key well now that anti theft light flashing light is off

If I remember correctly, the wire harness for the 94 has one lead that is powered all the time and another lead that is powered with the key on. Have you checked both of those leads?

I’m pondering how a TFI distributor is going to work on a non-TFI car. Have to think about that a bit.
Doctor appt early in the morning. I’ll drag out a wiring diagram when I get home.

You installed an engine from an OBDI vehicle into a vehicle that’s OBDII compliant?

Good luck with that one!

I hope you don’t have emission testing where you live!



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You will need all the engine electronics from the donor car to get the engine to run properly, or strip everything pretty much down to the long block and get the whole shebang from a 2002 V8 car. The latter may be legal, the former definitely is not.

You did swap the ECM also I assume?

Have you checked for any codes at the Diagnostic Connector Link?