2002 Ford Explorer - Click Click Click

I am the original owner of a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. One month ago I attempted to start the engine and heard click-click-click, so the battery. My radio is playing and the headlights come on but are dim. Upon exiting the vehicle I notice the radio stays on when I open the door. I then try the inside electronic door locks, nothing, key fob, nothing, rear lift gate and hatch, nothing. I then have AAA replace the battery thinking all will be well, engine starts but the door electronics still will not work. All other electrical work fine, windows, lights, etc. Take it to the Dealer and they say it needs a new Central Security Module but due to the age of the vehicle the part is no longer made. The other option is putting in an “after market” CS Module like, Viper or Clifford but they tell me the vehicle will have to be re-wired since the current CSM is not working. Is the diagnosis correct?
The truck is in great shape with low mileage, 110,000 for a 17 year old vehicle. Currently I can manually open the driver door with the key and then open the other doors from the inside but the big issue is I cannot open the rear liftgate or hatch. Is there a work around?
If the Dealer cannot find a CSM any other suggestions?
We really like the vehicle and I hate to think that what would finally be the end of our use would be this electronic issue. Hope you can work your magic as I have enjoyed reading your column for years.
Thanks for any help or ideas.

They’ve had tools on the vehicle to read the errors it is throwing out. From what you’ve posted, it sure seems correct. I doubt an aftermarket security system can fix the problem no matter how much rewiring is done.

Can they bypass it all?

Unfortunately you are the victim of electronic obsolescence. I’d get the actual part number the Ford guys say you need and do a web search on your own. You might find a used on that can be programmed for your car.

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