2002 F-350 with Triton V-8

I have a 2002 Ford F-350 XLT Crew Cab with the Triton (not aptly named) V-8. Ever since day one, when both of the front window buttons were pushed up together, the “door open” light and chime would go off. So I thought there was some sort of an electrical issue going on. Of little significance, so I let it go.

Lately though, the following has been happening - all at once. The ABS light flashes, the speedometer bounces around, and the engine stutters - quite badly. I suspect that there is a further electrical-sensor-relay problem. As all of these happen together, I doubt it would be just the ABS, or the fuel system.

Any thoughts?



Is the Check Engine light on?


Sometimes this is a sign of a bad or weak diode in the alternator, allowing an A/C ripple into the electrical system. Have the alternator checked…How does your radio sound tuned to the AM band? A loud buzz that rises and falls with engine RPM confirms the failed diode…

The action of the speed sensing circuit affects the others.

Agreed, I think this is absolutely a charging system problem.

Good question. The check engine light is not on (oddly enough).