2002 Dodge Intrepid

I’m having an issue w/ a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. Randomly, while driving along, the RPMs revv, out of control…wind-out…for no apparent reason. The only fix, is to pull over, put vehicle in park, turn off engine, then restart engine, and put into gear and drive…thing is, this happens, often…a LOT…and is very much a nuisance…It seems there are no common triggers for this issue, except its driving me crazy…Any ideas/solutions will be greatly appreciated!

Does the vehicle’s speed increase correspondingly? Or does the engine rev for unknown reasons, but the speedometer remains at the same speed?

Do you have a check engine light on?

Clean your throttle body and idle air control valve, check the throttle cable for free operation, and the throttle return spring.

Usually the failure mode on intrepid 2.7 motors is, the idle drops to zero as motor dies. U have the opposite. The motor actually revs up. I thnk u have a failing trans. Which is failure mode #2 for intrepids.

This sounds like the transmission going into “limp” mode, where it’s restricted to 2nd gear. It may be something as simple as a bad speed sensor. What does the speedometer indicate when this happens?

check your trans fluid

The speedometer does not accelerate when rpms rev.

Speedometer remains at speed during rpm acceleration.

Sounds like limp mode, intermittent cam or crank sensor.

If this is only happening when you are calling for more power, say going up hill or trying to accelerate it could be simply the transmission downshifting because of lack of engine power.

How many miles on this car and how many miles ago were the plugs, air filter and fuel filter (if it has one) changed.

Does the scan tool show any diagnostic trouble codes posted in the ECM’s memory? You may need to find a shop w/the Dodge scan tool, as the transmission codes need to be read too.