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2000 Cadillac DeVille AC blows hot and cold

Ac blows hot on the drivers side and cold on the passengers side and from the aux ac in the back. We replaced the two actuators on the drivers side when one of them started clicking. All was well until the outside air blend door would not operate so we replaced that one also. After the first two were replaced I unplugged them with the ac on the dash vents and cold. Figured it was Austin and we barely know how to spell winter here and I could plug them back in IF it got cold enough to need heat. That is when the outside air door stopped functioning. When I plugged the drivers side back in I may have switched the plugs. Did I fry the two blend door actuators on the drivers side? is there something in the control panel we need to replace or repair? I do not get defroster or heater. Only dash vents, hot on drivers and cold on passengers. waddahewl did I do?