2002 CR-V getting codes P1298 and P0420 Codes

I have a 2002 CR-V with 113,000 miles. Several months ago my check engine light came on, I took it to the dealer and they said I needed a new O2 sensor. Then about a month ago the light came on again with two codes P1298 and P0420. They didn’t do anything but reset the codes and I went on my merry way…for about 3 weeks then it came on again with the same codes. The 3rd time as soon as I could (8.5 miles) I hit an auto parts store and they read the codes for me. The dealer wanted me to do that so they could see if one code was coming on before the other. After the 3rd time they re-soldered something in the ELD. Well tonight it came on again and I hit the auto parts store (got there in 5.3 miles this time) and the same codes came on. Now what is uniform about every time this has happened is that we have had a heavy rain which I drove thought and 2 days after the rain stopped the check engine light has come on. The dealer doesn’t seem to think this is an issue, which I could see if it was one time or even twice…but FOUR times… The car is running fine, I haven’t noticed anything different about it, doesn’t run rough. The last time after they reset the check engine light, I drove it for several days (~80 miles) and then they did the North Carolina State Inspection and it passed. Don’t know if this makes any difference or not but I am not wild about replacing the catalytic converter. I know the P1298 is the ELD and the P0420 is the catalytic converter. I don’t see how the two can be related, and why does it only happen after it rains. After it was reset the last time I had the car inspected and the car passed the emissions test.

Any advice out there?

Apparently Honda at one point only sold the ELD as a integral part of the fuse box. Also from what I have read the ELD has had problems with solder joints within in the ELD. So as not to replace the hole fuse box, repairs to the solder joints within the ELD have been attempted. Perhaps that repair on your ELD was unsuccessful? But thankfully it sounds like from what I have read, Honda is now selling the ELD as a separate part. So I would take it back to the dealer that tried to make the solder repair, and have them replace the ELD at no labor cost. The 02 sensor fault may or may not be related.

I had that done last week, just before the current time the light came on.

Now an added twist is that this morning while driving my son to school, in a heavy rain, the light went out. I took it by Honda and they were able to read the codes I had at the auto parts store, but for some reason they were reset.

I am not finding any wet spots inside the car and the windshield is the original.