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2002 corolla S

My daughter drives a 2002 toyota corolla S that has 84,000 miles. She is away at college and oil changes do get missed until she is home and we get it done. This car does not smoke or leave oil spots, but it is using about a quart of oil per week. Toyota can not find a leak either. Any ideas?

If it’s not leaking externally, it’s getting burned inside the combustion chambers. Leaking into the cylinder through the valve stem seals or if it hasn’t been taken care of very well, maybe it’s getting by the piston rings.

So is the best option to rebuild the engine to fix this?

PCV valves will go bad if the oil isn’t changed like you describe. A clogged PCV valve will cause the engine to consume oil. It’s a $4 part that you can change yourself. Try that before looking at an $$expensive$$ O/H.

thanks, I will try that