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2002 Chrysler Town & Country - replace TCM or do more testing?

My cruise control dash light will light up when you press the switch, but it goes out in 10-12 seconds. The ignition must be turned off and restarted to get it on again, but it still goes out in a few seconds. The SET button is dead too, even in the short time when the light is on. I paid the local Chrysler place $111 to tell me it was a glitch in the Transmission Control Module located in the LF fender well. They said Chrysler doesn’t stock them. I called a place in Fla. that refurbishes them and the woman who answered said don’t go buying a module yet, have someone do a total exam of the vacuum hoses and cruise control wiring first. Might she be right? She could have made $150 off me and took the day off but she didn’t.

Yes, she is right. Why pay $150 when a $3 length of hose will fix it? Also, why pay $150 for the module and STILL need the $3 fix.

OK Mustang, I just called my friend who has a small shop and just about every tool you can think of. He said he has a vacuum pump that can test the system without the engine running. He’s not real sure he can isolate the cruise electric enough to test it. One thing at a time.

The vacuum line to the servo is easy to examine however a broke vacuum line won’t cause the cruise light to go out. There is likely a fault detected in the PCM that is shutting off the cruise control.

The cruise control is a function of the PCM, a scan tool is used to test the system.