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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Flames are normal, right?

Has anyone else had a serious fire coming out from the right side of their cruiser?

I hope you are not in the car as you are asking this.

No I’m not in the car, it burned up and was totaled.

This is an open forum associated with the CarTalk site. The chance of having very many owners of 2002 PT cruisers let alone those that have had a fire a very slim. Your vehicle was 16 years old so that could have been a factor. This being a vehicle type specific problem is remote.

There are several websites that come up when you search for “PTCruiser forum”. Good luck.

Go to and check for fires on the 2002 PT Cruiser as well as other years of the same period, 2001 to 2005. See if anyone reported fires.

Right! And not just 02 PT Cruisers.
Mr. Obvious, here…
…flames are normal for just about any any car proceeding to burn to the ground!


It would be absolutely normal for a fuel line to rust through anwhere in the rust belt at that age or a piece of road trash could have punctured a fuel line or tank. I have had fuel lines rust throough in 12 years here in Western NY. Not a PT Cruiser specific problem.