2002 Chevy Impala Transmission Woes



Have 2002 Chevy Impala transmission had shift solenoids sticking. Burned up transmission on trip. Replaced with low mileage used tranny. Technician checked it out, good condition. Worked perfectly for 2-3 weeks. Then wouldn’t start out in 1st gear. Would start from 2nd. Got worse, took back to tranny tech. Diagnostic showed sticking shift solenoids. Replaced both shift solenoids. Worked fine for a week or so and started same problem. When vehicle gets to normal operating temp, tranny shifts just fine. Afraid to put more money in (i.e., another tranny), concerned that may be electronic problem with PCM. What can I do?


Well, not starting out in 1st gear is a good indicator that you may be in limp mode. Has anyone scanned the computer for codes?? Do you know how the tech came to the conclusion that the shift solenoids are sticking?? It sounds like he’s just throwing parts at it here. Sticking shift solenoids just dont happen like that. You say that the trans shifts fine when at normal operating temp so has anyone considered the possibility of a temp sensor issue?? Or, that this low mileage used trans does not have such low miles and the clutch piston seals are hardened and are leaking?? You might want to consider getting another opinion.



The tranny tech did a computer scan and the fault codes indicated the sticking solenoids. He also ran a resistance test on the wires in the wiring harness that are linked to the solenoids.

When you mentioned a temp sensor issue, does that mean that their is a temp sensor as a part of the transaxle or drive train? If so, where would it be located? And can I run a test on it (I have multi-tester and some other diagnostic equip. I don’t have scanning tool for fault codes).