2002 Chevy Blazer Fuel Pump

I bought a new fuel pump for my 2002 chevy s10 blazer. With this assembly you have to install a new wiring harness. in the instructions it tells you to remove the old fuel pump fuse and discard it amd then replace it with the one in the box. problem, it did not come with a new fuse. It had a 20A fuse in the space before. I don’t know how many amps the fuse should be. i dont want to risk blowing the part. it was expensive.

No problem with reusing old fuse. You are thinking that the new pump uses a lower rated fuse?( not too much lower too go from 20A) This fuse is in a inline fuse holder supplied with the new pump? can you position it so fuse replacement is easy?

Thanks oldschool. I was worried that it might take a lower fuse and blow out the part. I’m not super knowledgeble about electirc system stuff. at any rate i used the old fuse and the car is running fine -so i guess the new fuel pump is fine as well. thanks again