2002 Chevrolet Suburban - Winter safe?

I have 295 30 r26 tires on my suburban is it safe for me to drive in the winter snow with them

I would not even try to drive on snow with those things .


No it is not safe. Try not to hit potholes, either. They will dent the wheels.


Nope. Blizzaks stop at 24” dia rim
Stock tires are about 30” overall.
Your tires are 33”. And wider.
I think any tires that size will not work well in snow.

You didn’t tell us what tires you have installed, so I don’t know how you can expect any kind of informed answer.

All the tires in that size range that I can find are performance tires, You could have your favorite tire shop put together a winter wheel/tire package.


I have bought two sets of wheels/winter tires/TPMS sensors, all ready to go, from TireRack.com. I was very satisfied.

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Were they 26” rim snows? OP has 26” wheels.
Show me 1 person with 24” winter tires.

It depends where you live. The farther south you go, the more likely they sill be acceptable. The same goes for most of California.