2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - temp at AC vent

If my a/c is operating right, what should be the temp at the vent

From acdiagnosis.com

“As a rule of thumb, when the ambient air temperatures 70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° Celsius) and humidity 20%, the AC outlet air temperature should be in the 35°-40° degrees Fahrenheit range. On the other extreme of 80° degrees Fahrenheit ambient air temperature and 90% humidity condition, the AC outlet air temperature might be in the 45° to 50° degrees Fahrenheit range.

That is a temperature differential of 30°-35° degrees Fahrenheit. Because of all these variations, it is difficult to pinpoint what the AC outlet air temperature should be on all applications.”

You managed to find this site, yet could not Google your question? Took me 20 seconds to find the answer.


I recently tested the A/C in my dad’s old car immediately after it was repaired. On a 75-degree evening with moderate humidity, the outlet temperature in his car was 45 degrees. My wife’s newer car was 42 degrees, for comparison.

It does take some time for the whole vent system to cool down so that you’re reading an accurate temperature, of course.