Finding the Correct Oil

So I just bought a 2007 VW Rabbit 2.5. Planning on giving it its first oil change tomorrow. I came across a couple problems with finding oil though. The owners manual recommends 5W-40. It also says 5W-30 can be used if 5W-40 is not available. I also swear I thought I read somewhere in it that 0W-40 could also be used but now I can’t find it. But anyway, I was planning on putting Mobil 1 in it and the only 5W-40 they have is “Turbo Diesel Truck”. Now this does’t meet the requirements of VW (VW 502 00), at least it doesn’t say that on the bottle. Either does 5W-30 but 0W-40 does (it’s called Mobil 1 European Blend). It’s not like it’s under warranty anymore and my thoughts is that it would be best to put the preferred grade in (5W-40). My concern with doing that is if the Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck has additives for diesel engines that could be harmful to the gasoline engine of the VW. What do you guys think?

This popped up on the first page with a google search. I’m sure there are more.

EDGE Motor Oil

Technological advancements have allowed today’s engines to become smaller, yet more powerful and efficient. The need for engines to deliver increased fuel economy, reduced emissions and high performance means they must work harder than ever before. Engines produce pressures of up to 10 tons per square centimeter. That’s like five cars resting on a high heel. More pressure means more stress for the oil, more metal-to-metal contact and friction that can rob performance from your engine.


Castrol EDGE is three times stronger against viscosity breakdown than the leading synthetic and leading conventional oils.** The unique titanium technology physically changes the way oil behaves under extreme pressures doubling its film strength*, preventing oil from breaking down and reducing friction to maximize engine performance.

  • Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium has twice the film strength of our previous formula based on the HFRR friction test.

** Tested in 5W-30 versus all major conventional brands, Mobil1 and Mobil1 Extended Performance in the ASTM D6278 test.

Castrol EDGE is available in the following grades: 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-30 A3/B4, 5W-30 C3, 5W-40, 5W-40 Turbo Diesel, 5W-50, 10W-30, 10W-40 and 10W-60

Believe it or not, Walmart carries 0W-40 European Mobil 1.

If the manual recommends 5W-40, why would you want to use something different?

I’m not saying that I necessarily do want to use something different than 5w-40. I bought 5W-40 Mobil 1 “Turbo Diesel Truck”. I guess my big question is is it called that because many diesels take this oil or does it have additives specifially for diesel engines that would be bad for gasoline engines?

And yes, 0W-40 European is sold at Walmart. But then again it’s not the preferred weight. But, also, then again it is what VW considered acceptable in terms of “quality”. I’ve been really torn on this…

Look on the oil container.

If the specification is SM, this is the latest specified oil for a spark engine or gas engine.

If the specification CI4, this is the latest specified oil for a compression engine or Diesel engine.

The CI4 oil may contain more phosphorus than the SM oil.

And after lead, phosphorus is the second most damaging element to O2 sensors/catalytic converters.


Thanks Tester! That link helped a lot. It actualy says both on the bottle, but it must be more diesel stuff, I mean why risk it, right? I’ll probaby take this stuff back and get either the European Mobil 1 or Castrol. Haven’t decided which yet…

Nope, VW’s spec is higher than SM. You need to get a VW spec oil in the proper weight.

Look for oils that meet either 502.00 or the newer 503.01 Here’s a discussion:

I know that is not what was meant, but when I read ( just bought 2007 and going to give it the first oil change ). I thought WOW a 8 year old car just now getting it’s first oil change !


OP, with newer cars – probably yours too – sporting variable valve timing (VVT), that function places a lot of demands on the oil. So it is important to only use an oil meeting the manufacturer’s specs. Prior to VVT some leeway was possible in the oil choice, but if your engine sports VVT, suggest to stick w/exactly what VW says to use. Otherwise you might face an expensive repair, including having to replace the engine. There’s probably several brands that meets VW specs. If Mobile One doesn’t have a version that does, don’t use Mobile One.

I dunno but for this first oil change it might be worth just getting the oil from a VW dealer to give you a little more time. When I had the oil first changed on my Acura, I found out they were using Mobil, same as I always did. They might be doing similar. Otherwise I’d stick to what they say you should use.

If my engine used an unusual oil, I’d be inclined to do as Bing suggests and get the oil at the dealers until I could find the right oil elsewhere.

George has made an excellent point. Engines today use oil to operate the variable valve systems in addition to performing the usual lubricating and heat removal functions. Sort of using it as a hydraulic fluid. I’d want to use only what’s recommended.

Our local Walmart sells nearly all special oils for European cars. There are also NAPA and other outlets that sell it.

How much truth is in the claims of oil quality and the need for exclusive formulations for “exclusive” engines? Somewhere in the mix are the same people who pushed Slick-50 and X-tenz on consumers and I remain quite skeptical of all claims of mysterious elixirs promising to meet the crucial demands of that special engine under the hood of those special cars. Is there more flim-flam than science in the claims of oil companies and the demands of automobile manufacturers? No doubt, engine oil has vastly improved over the years but the smoke and mirrors gives me reason to be skeptical.

I’m skeptical of all advertising and industry-promoted “facts”. However I feel it makes a lot more sense to simply follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. I’m willing to let someone else “test the truth of it” with their own engine.

I’d be worried about using oil specified for diesel applications as it may contain additives that can foul your catalytic converter. One oil change might not cause problems, but I’d be cautious.

Where are you shopping for oil? 5W30 or 0W40 full synthetics will make your car happy I think. Mobil-1 is good oil, but there are other good synthetic offerings as well from Valvoline, Castrol, etc. I personally have been very happy with Amsoil.

You can buy any brand or grade of oil on Amazon.